The creation of 2D & 3D orthomosaics and modelling form the essence of many of the outcomes aerial/drone work can provide to improve workflows across a wide variety of industries. Smart data collection, being accurate and replicable over time, can save your business:
    • Time;
    • Money;
    • Through improved safety.
Imagine overseas investors looking to purchase resort facilities. Sight unseen this would be a hard sell but through having everyone, albeit in different locations, able to look at a 2D ortho or turn a 3D model to view different perspectives would certainly give all stakeholders a clear understanding of exactly what they are referring to and its’ current state. While this is a fictitious example drone technology is improving the way many companies do business today. Orthomosaics and modelling have applications across a wealth of industries and may include activities such as:
    • Roof inspections;
    • Insurance inspections;
    • Wildlife migrations over time;
    • National Parks burn/recovery progress;
    • Vertical inspections;
    • Volumetric measurements in mining and construction;
    • Dilapidation reports;
    • Virtual site meetings;
… and the list goes on.  

As a 3D model the object can be turned to view damage to the property, including zoo capabilities


At Lens Pilots we are committed to using the best, most up to date technology we deem suitable for the your project, solely in our endeavour to bring you the best quality information we can provide. For most large jobs we will use the Matrice 300 RTK combined with the Zenmuse P1 camera and lens.  This enables us to shoot each frame at 45mp and so a much higher resolution than mainstream. 

Zoom from the Matrice/P1. The image was taken 80m above the building and as you zoom in progressively you can see the holes in the crate on the ground.


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