If your business in any way involves corridor mapping, switching to an aerial methodology should be the time and money saver you’ve been looking for!

Whether it’s highways, powerlines, ¬†pipelines or similar, mapping in these scenarios using traditional means can be fraught with pitfalls. These may include crossing bridges, watercourses or working at heights and to cope with these obstacles it can often mean a much slower laborious process and a much higher bottom line.

Lens Pilots can provide you with a solution that supply you with accurate 2D orthomosaics and 3D models, that can be created in complex environments and terrains in order to assist your decision making and workflow. At the same time the safety of your staff is not at risk and the turnaround time for your project will be enhanced.

Dual, multi-lane highway combined with separate train tracks – spanning watercourse, a perfect example of when an aerial approach would be very useful.

Image: QLD TMR


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