Utilising the latest in drone and payload technology, Lens Pilots are able deliver high resolution 2D & 3D orthomosaics and models at 45mp per frame. Our inspections span a number of industries from insurance, to solar to the telco and power industries. Roof inspections can be done following storms to assess hail and tile damage, similarly companies working with the installation of solar panels are able to quickly get an accurate assessment of the state of the current roof structure. Accurate models or 2D orthomosaics enable better decision making by providing safe, low-cost alternatives for ‘at height’ work. Without the need for scaffolding, nor weather dependent, our Matrice 300 will get the job done and keep your workflow on time.

3D modelling used for dilapidation report for stakeholders in a range of locations

Drone inspections of power lines and structures are a much safer alternative for employees, whilst providing an inspection that can be exactly replicated which in turns simplifies degradation analysis and the like


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