Advantages of Drones for Your Business ..

Employee Safety

Reduce your employees exposure to risk through limiting ‘at heights’ work, while empowering them to use cutting edge tools to analyse data collected by a drone.

Avoid having your staff operate in clement or dangerous conditions.  We use the Matrice 300 RTK as our primary drone and it is one of few drones tested under wet weather conditions and has an !P45 rating.


Inspections in the construction and power industries have shown to have a 65% saving on costs compared to traditional methods.

Scaffolding costs incorporated in height work can be avoided and a skill labour pool can be directed elsewhere.

When using skilled drone pilots to collect your data, the financial benefits are ongoing as the exact same data collection set can be replicated; enhancing speed of collection and accuracy.


At Lens Pilots we use the latest commercial drones, Matrice 300 RTK with a Zenmuse P1 payload. What this means for our clients is that we can provide a 1-2cm GSD at 100m.

In industry terms, a 2D or 3D Orthomosaic can be created of a mine site with approximately 50% more accuracy and in 60% of the time.

Manage Virtually

Imagine being able to inspect section of roadway, or power pole from the comfort of your office. Cut down the number of site meetings during construction; have all stakeholders and investors able to view project progress regardless of physical locations.

We can bring this to you via 2D and 3D orthographic and models, if needs be, in real-time.

Fits to Your Workflow

Data can be collected ready for analysis, when you are ready for it. Using the latest software available, we can deliver your data in a wide variety of formats.

Using drones for your data collection, also serves to improve your workflow though freeing up employees and the hours they would require for the task, to analyse the information and progress through the next steps of your workflow.

Speed & Efficiency

Inspection times across industries have shown up to 80% improvement in time taken, whilst enhancing compliance and accuracy in site surveys across the mining sector.

Of course the real palpable benefits in speed and efficiency can be seen in the repetition of the survey or inspection, etc as all care and concern is taken to meet your needs the first time and a repeated (saved) flight mission is executed on future runs.

Why You Should Choose Lens Pilots ..

Lens Pilots is a fully licensed and CASA qualified drone services business. Our main objective is to meet, and hopefully exceed, you needs. We will listen carefully to what you are hoping to achieve and work with you to provide a timely solution

In Meeting Your Needs We are Committed to ...

Technical Quality

At Lens Pilots we endeavour to use cutting edge technology in meeting your needs. At present the pride of our fleet is the DJI Matrice RTK, combined with a Zenmuse P1 payload. This combination of drone and camera increases flight time by over 56% from its’ predecessor and has a massive 45mp resolution.

As a client this means you job will be completed in a smaller timeframe and with more detail than ever before.


The crew at Lens Pilots is fully licensed and registered with CASA, the governing air traffic control body, and will sit down with you to discuss the requirements of your project. During this planning stage we will outline any areas that will require special permissions or attention to detail.

Don’t worry we will take care of all the details on your behalf.


As your business partner you can trust Lens Pilots to deliver your project as requested and on time. We are here to provide a solution to you data collection and hopefully improve your data analysis process.

At the same time know that we will protect your data and its’ confidentially.

Industries Benefitting from Drone Services

Forestry & Wildlife
Power Management
Insurance & Inspections

Central Queensland Based, Serving State Wide

Providing services throughout Queensland. Interstate inquiries are welcome.

See Why Our Recent Clients Are Happy

“I have pleasure in recommending Alan Barker, from Lens Pilots.

Alan was retained by our company to provide an extensive portfolio of high res photography, both on site and aerial drone footage, which were completed on a very professional, courteous and on-time basis!”

Peter P

“Lens Pilots were great!

Not only did they meet our needs, but they were happy to go the extra mile and include some of their own suggestions to help as well.

We’ll use them again.”

Rebecca W

“Lens Pilots were very professional and really well prepared. They knew we were on a time crunch and got exactly what we needed.

Worth every dollar.”

Daniel X


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